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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Welcome New Clients

Welcome to my website! I am so happy you are interested in my journey into photography. I am new to the whole process and I am still learning all the details including taking classes in Photoshop and Light room. One major thing I have learned so far is that photography is always expanding, and there are several ways to grow and learn more and more. I am so excited to begin and I am super glad you are reading this right now.

I have been doing photography for a short time, mostly just photographing my friends and family, but I am trying to broaden my network and gain new clients, servicing all parts of the Houston and surrounding areas.

I really love taking pictures and I love editing them also. But what I love the most is that pictures can capture so much and are treasured so much because it takes an image of a certain time that makes a memory keepsake that lasts you a lifetime. I am offering a free session of choice to all and any new clients. Meaning, your very first session is on the house! This is great for both myself and you. I get to know you better and I get to also build a friendship with you. While you, get a free session with tons of images, you also get to know me in return and you then get a chance to preview and decide if you actually like my work or not. I believe this is a win win on both sides. So this is a limited time offer, but I will always offer a free session to new clients during different times throughout the year, so check for coupons and discounts every month.

I can promise you also, that all photos posted on my online sites are all approved first by you and is an optional choice. You get all the privacy rights and I will never ever post a photo without permission from you.

Now you may be wondering...why I am offering and dabbling in so many diverse sessions and services, instead of a major one? The reason is simply because I have yet to know my full potential and what I love best and do best.

So, I leave you with this thought, "At the end of the working day, all I want is to make you happy, to see you happy and put a smile on your face. I can say assuredly that there are not many jobs in life, that make you and the customer joyful while in a stress free environment. So I am blessed to work with you anytime and (hopefully) in the future years. Together let's make memories we can keep forever."

-Cora Lee

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